Hi, I’m Kate- owner and lead designer of Manhattan Beach, California based boutique floral design studio Floret Cadet.

Floret Cadet was born out of a dual passion – I love working closely with people as they plan life’s special occasions almost as much as I love working with flowers!  I have corporate experience in communications, and I consider client communication an extremely important component of any custom floral design job – I relish sharing image, ideas and inspirations with clients until we are 100% sure that our visions truly align.  (I also love sharing inspiration and support with fellow designers, and thrive on the sense of camaraderie that can come along with working in the wedding and event business.)

I define my design style as joyful and chic – and as much as I love arrangements that are traditionally pretty, I also try to infuse each one with a little bit of boldness, in the form of an unexpected color or a funky texture.  My shorthand for this is “flowers with character”, and I look forward to creating flowers with character for your next celebration!


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