I love all things mini – I drive a Mini Cooper and have two chihuahuas! So I’ve been in love with these floral arrangements, which I’m calling minis, that are regularly featured at the restaurant in the lobby of my office.  Upon inspection, it turned out that these were uber simple and DIY-able – they’re simply floral foam directly wrapped in Ti Leaves and secured with bouquet pins, with a few stems of single flower types in each (so no vase whatsoever).

You can do these for just a few dollars each – floral foam is $1 a block if you buy in bulk through Dollar Tree, and you can get 3+ of these out of a block depending on their height and width.  The ti leaves can be had for $1 each, and I only got one out of each, but was very close to getting a second – it could be done with slightly smaller cylinders.   All in all, these can be done for comfortably under $5 each, and 4 could be clustered on a table (or single minis on cocktail tables!) for a really nice look at right around $20 per table!

Here are my inspiration pics from Tiato cafe, where the florist replenishes them each week:

DIY rose and tea leaf wedding flowers

DIY flowers crysanthemums

Here’s my foam being cut.  Floral foam does come in cylinders but it’s meant to fill mugs and a little big for the size minis I wanted, so I used a block, tracing a champagne glass and cutting with a butter knife to create the shape:

I wrapped mine in plastic wrap to prevent leaks, but at the restaurant they don’t so they’re even simpler! (Note, I used pearl thumbtacks that I already had to secure the Ti leaves, and they weren’t quite deep enough to really hold the leaves in place securely.  I’d want full length floral pins next time!)

And here are my completed minis, with Hydrangea and Roses!

budget rose wedding centerpieces diy

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