Heavy Metal


I have been loving the combination of mirrored and stainless steel containers with bright, warm fun flowers this past week week!

Here’s the picture that started it all – an amazing inspiration shoot pic from San Diego based Sharon of Organic Elements (bottom).  She crafted the Seuss like base / structure (you can’t really call it a vase) from layered sheet type metal and added an abundance of bright dahlias and mums.   Joining that image is another example of a runner style container, this one mirrored, from Stoneblossom Floral & Event Design.  I love the ultra slick mirrored vase with the romantic red roses – nice contrast!

mirrored stainless steel vases flower containers wedding

Images courtesy of Stoneblossom Floral and Organic Elements

I also love the look of metallic bud vases.  I think they could definitely be too “restaurant decor” looking if you used cheap looking flowers and/or didn’t cluster them to interesting effect, but like the look of these two with their single flowers:

Steel Bud Vases Wedding Decor

Images courtesy of Dot Maison and Something Divine

And finally, metal vases can look very cool in simple cylinder form, either pared down in stainless steel, or dressed to the nines in a glittery mosaic.  Both of these images come from the ultra talented San Francisco based Kuga Designs.  Funny that they too use red roses and warm, bright dahlias and mums in these designs – all of my favorite images I came across used flowers in this family!

Kuga Designs metal vases stainless steel wedding

Images courtesy of Kuga Designs

Stay tuned later in the week, I’ve been shopping for some of the best deals on similarly cool metal vases and will be sharing them with you!

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