Farmer’s Market Flowers from Rae Florae


Expanding on yesterday’s theme, I love fruit/veggies and flowers together, especially for fall and winter (not as huge on citrus with bright flowers in the summer for whatever reason).  I also really love arrangements that feel seasonal without hitting you over the head with it – sometimes stuff full of acorns, pinecones, pumpkins,  cranberries, etc comes on a little strong for me.  And lord knows I love Kale and Dahlias…so…imagine my delight when talented San Diego based florist Paula Rae of Rae Florae sent me these photos, from a shoot she did at the local Farmer’s Market with photographer Bryan N Miller.

They’re so splendid- the colors, the textures- all vivid but not harsh, seasonal but subtle about it.

This one was made with Orange Dahlias & Silver Dollar Eucalyptus:

Image by Bryan Miller; Bouquet by Paula Rae

This one, Sunset Sunflowers, Black Callas, & Dried Fiddleheads:

Image by Bryan Miller; Bouquet by Rae Florae

This one, Pink Dahlias & Coxcomb:

Image by Bryan Miller; bouquet by Rae Florae

And my personal 2 favorites last – funny enough, they’re my two favorite fruits and bouquets! Here we have Mini-Ornamental Kale, Allium Bullets, & Magenta Celosia:

Image by Bryan Miller; Bouquet by Rae Florae

And last but not least, peaches with Garden Eden Spray Roses, Okra Pods, Birch Branchlets, & Green Hydrangea:

Image by Bryan Miller; Bouquet by Rae Florae

And as a bonus, Paula teaches super regular floral design classes – I’m finding so many great ones in San Diego, might have to make a trek! ; ) There is one tomorrow, two in November and two in December, both on weekday evenings and Saturdays.  Here’s the flyer – these look like a blast!

Rae Florae Flower Arranging Classes

October 25, 2010 - 1:04 pm

Paula Rae - Thanks Kate! It was such a fun idea and shoot- the colors turned out so great, I’m so excited you like them- and YES! Come take a class!!! 🙂 Anytime!!

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