Fountain of Event Decor Color Palette Inspiration


I have long loved Milan based jewelry designer Kristina Klarin’s blog, Kris’s Color Stripes.    She blogs about her daily life and overall design inspirations, but the core posts are color pallets she’s made based on images that inspire her.  Not only is the blog a great place to find unique color palettes that could work for a wedding or event (or home decor, web design, etc for that matter) but her photos and accompanying palettes show clearly that inspiration can come from anywhere.  They’ve made me more attuned and likely to take a mental picture as I’ve come across striking color combos in unexpected places in my own life!

They also have made me ponder how much better events look when they have a color palette rather than two or three “official colors” to which every detail is forced to conform- perhaps some of the palettes below are a little too varied to create a cohesive event, but I do think that using a family / scheme that includes varations on the selected colors makes for events that look less by the book and matchy-matchy (and that’s a good thing ; )

Sometimes she finds inspiration in flowers and plants, which of course would not be a totally offbeat place from which to draw color inspiration for florals and event decor:


Sometimes she draws from the ocean and nature:

Sometimes also from water, but in a more abstract way, via reflections on its surface:

But I love it when she is inspired by whole cityscapes:

Coming tomorrow, some even crazier sources of color palette inspiration from Kris’ site, from grafitti to stacks of wood.

October 29, 2010 - 9:46 am

Paula Rae - I LOVE THIS!! Thank you so much for sharing this great find!

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