Sugared Fruit – A Pretty Twist on Fruit & Flower Combos


I posted about fruit with fall flowers last Friday, and this Friday, again have that combination on the brain!

For the holidays, I’m loving flowers with real sugared fruit right now.  I first came across this look on the website of fantastic Dallas based florist Cebolla Fine Flowers.  Here are some of their creations:

Images courtesy of Cebolla Fine Flowers

I actaully was inspired to try a sugared fruit arrangement myself for my birthday party last year – the fruit is very easy to sugar – you basically brush egg whites on it and roll the wet fruit in the sugar of your choice – anything from glittery decorators sugar to extra fine sugar can work depending on the look you’re going for (more detailed tutorial here).  A little word of caution for DIY’ers though- fruit emits gasses which kill flowers sooner than they’d otherwise die, so assemble these as close to last minute as possible.

Even though I think of the sugared fruit as a fall/winter thing because it conjures up cornucopias and fruit frosted by snow, I also came across this photo, of a very summery sugared fruit centerpiece, that I also love!

Image courtesy of A Hana Design

October 31, 2010 - 6:33 am

botanical brouhaha - Cebolla is one of my favorite florists! And I LOVE sugared fruit in arrangements…love this post! Have a great weekend…

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