Repurposed Container Brilliance


I’m taking floral design classes through a local college’s continuing education program now, and they’re a lot of fun! The first class was a four week “Wedding Basics,” class where I learned in the first meeting I attended last week to tie a bouquet handle properly with ribbon, and how to wire a Camellia leaf bouquet collar.  The class is more contemporary than I thought it would be, and is taught by Sarinya Villanueva, a talented floral designer and former art director for Bride & Bloom magazine, who is a fellow blogger!

Cruising around her blog The Daily Petal, I found one of the more brilliant economical floral containers I’ve seen in a while – I love repurposed floral containers and this is one I hadn’t seen done before!  Before I reveal, try to guess what the container actually is:

Roses and moss in bamboo container

Image courtesy of The Daily Petal

It’s a wood utensil holder accented with bright green moss!  I think that’s pretty brilliant.  I looked around online and didn’t find an exact match, but came across this bamboo version from Amazon that could be used to similar effect, for $20.

This is *definitely* a quick, easy arrangement that makes a big statement, and it’s all thanks to the container.  I feel more and more like great containers are so key to great floral designs, especially for a non-pro considering making their own.  A very few flowers or just a single type of flowers (even a single type of very common flowers like carnations) look cool in an uncommon container!

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