A Study In Contrast


I love contrast in floral design – opposite colors and textures add so much interest.  But one of my favorite contrasts is between really feminine, traditional wedding flowers and elements that are rustic / offbeat / modern / masculine.

All things woodsy as well as all things succulent have been en vogue in weddings for some time now, but they’re not often mixed into super traditional, girly designs, and it’s that combination that makes the below arrangements so striking in my opinion!

First up we have pink garden roses from Alexandra Farms in Columbia, in wood and bamboo wrapped containers.

Garden roses in wood wrapped bamboo vase

And here are two succulents, in the middle of a positively confectionary centerpiece, without a rustic or zen like element in sight! This gorgeous image is courtesy of White Lilac Inc, an event design firm:

white lilac, garden rose, and succulent wedding centerpiece

Wondering what are all of your favorite contrasts in floral designs?

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