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Rose Farm Wedding Venue

Images courtesy of Rose Story Farm

In my online flower stalking, I’ve come across several “floral venues,” like botanical gardens, conservatories, and even flower farms where you can actually hold an event.  How dreamy is that! I’ll post about them here semi regularly…

First up is Rose Story Farm in Carpenteria, nestled in the foothills outside of Santa Barbara.  Now this isn’t a post-industrial style working flower farm, it’s a beautiful setting with old world charm, run entirely by a tight-knit family.  Their farm can accommodate weddings and special events for groups of up to 250 guests, and they say that Late April through mid-October provide a magnificent background of fields carpeted in roses. Four very unique gardens ranging in formality, size, and character are situated throughout the property.

About the farm in their own words:

From the start, we were interested in growing varieties that people rarely see outside of private gardens. And we wanted to grow old world roses that aren’t cultivated anywhere else in the country. Rather than produce the industry standard–long, single-stem roses with little or no fragrance, we produce almost exclusively old roses, European varieties, and pre-1950 American hybrid teas. Our roses have unusual shapes and colors and scents that commercial growers have bred out for longer life as a cut flower..

Our hope is to allow you to share in an experience that has been both romantic and passionate, joyful and sustaining. The farm is truly a family affair, and we find some of our best moments together, walking among and “working the rows.” Our roses bring us together to enjoy the simple pleasures of country life, and our family appreciates and savors the time we spend together caring for these exquisite flowers.

Many well-known national publications have showcased the beauty of Rose Story Farm to their readers, including Martha Stewart Living, Veranda, and Oprah!

And here are some more beautiful photos of the farm itself, set up for special events:

Flower Rose Farm Wedding Location

Images courtesy of Rose Story Farm


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