Flowers On Candlesticks


I’ve been coming across lots of designs using candlesticks / candleholders as floral containers lately and loving them! I’m not talking about the massive topiaried candelabras here, but more delicate designs with clustered candlesticks or mini candelabras, often holding single buds.  Here are some of my favorites

Succulent and rose candleholder arrangement centerpiece

Above sources are:  Right- Next Exit  via The Knot; Left – Jasmine Star Photography

I also like these mini pommander / topiary looks on single sticks and candelabras:

Rose Gladiola Mini Topiaries Candlestick Candelabra


Sources: Left – Jamie Delaine; Right Tic-Tock Couture Florals photographed by Marianne Lozano Photography


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