Finishing Touches – Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon


In my current floral design class we’ve been learning how to finish bouquets with ribbon.  We learned French Knots last night! So many mysteries are being revealed to me ; )

So, I wanted to share my favorite ribbon of all time, for floral design and all purpose life enhancement ; ) It’s hand dyed silk, and has the look of those beautiful watercolor effect silk scarves.   It just looks so soft and delicate.

Here it is used in gift wrap:

It’s around $1 a yard (less if bought in bulk), so considerably more expensive than other bouquet finishers, but well worth it in my opinion! It comes in every color and color combination under the sun.  Here are some of my favorites (courtesy of MJ Trim, where its for sale):

And here it is used in some lovely bouquets.  Sometimes you get a stripier look if you use the edged ribbon and then it’s also wrapped on the diagonal, but I still like that too!

Wedding bouquets made with hand dyed silk ribbon

These images are via: Top: Petalena, Bottom Left: The Knot, Bottom Right: Martha Stewart

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