Amateur Color Forecasting – Red & Purple


First off, how does one get a job as a professional color forecaster?! Always wondered that…Anyhow, I’ve been loving red and purple together – I hadn’t seen it very often before (lots of magenta or burgundy and purple, very little true red with purple) and it’s been cropping up here and there, so I’m predicting it will be a big trend soon, like red and aqua was a little bit ago.

Apparently master florist Holly Heider Chapple agrees – all of these images in the first collage are hers, she seems to have gone on a bit of a red and purple kick!  Here are her magnificent bouquets:

red and purple anemone peony rose succulent and lambs ear bouquets

I also came across quite a few nice pictures of red and purple in loose, branchy centerpiece arrangements, and it’s pretty that way too!

Red and purple allium branch orchid succulent wedding centerpieces

Images above courtesy of: Top – Flora Grubb.  Bottom Left – Lotus Floral Designs.  Bottom Right – Church Street Studio

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