Flower Bomb

We were supposed to be back to regularly scheduled programming today, BUT over the holiday weekend I discovered my personal favorite floral installation yet, and I couldn’t wait to share it! I’m swooning over this partly because Flower Bomb by Victor & Rolf is my own perfume choice, but I think also because it replicates a photo precisely, and is made of mixed pink flowers, a look that’s a lot harder to pull off for these big installations than a single flower type.

This stunner was created by Brooklyn based master floral designer Denise of Little Pheasant for a birthday party L’Oreal threw for the runaway success / cult favorite fragrance Flower Bomb.   It replicates their famous ad to a tee as you’ll see in the photos.

My favorite part of this story is what she did with the many leftover stems of carnations that resulted from her erring on the safe side and overestimating the quantity needed- she made up little carnation bouquets and handed them out to people on the street in her neighborhood, and dropped some others at the local senior center. So sweet – it all goes back to the power of flowers to brighten someone’s day and make them feel special.

I also wanted to add that although this major corporate comissioned piece doesn’t really translate to wedding decor (for most of us ; ) or everyday floral design, I think the fireplace is the touch that does.  How pretty would it be to blanket a fireplace at a reception venue or in your own home with a mini wall of flowers as Denise has done here?  I feel a somewhat more ambitious DIY project coming on, perhaps Denise can help guide me about how to create the structure that supported the fireplace portion of this project!

And now without further ado, her gorgeous installation, followed by some behind the scenes info she gave me on its creation:

And here’s more detail on the fireplace portion, which I think is such a nice touch:

And a closeup of the beautiful pink flowers she used:

About her masterpiece:

The structure was fabricated by a company out in Michigan, who drove it out 1 day before the event. It consisted of 3 custom made high grade styrofoam “bottles” in three sizes. Each “bottle” was threaded over a large steel rod that was attached to the base.

Denise’s first hurdle was seeing if the foam would hold a water pik and flower, since it wasn’t Oasis foam.  They had sent her a sample a week before to test, so after that part was ironed out, her second hurdle was estimating the amount of flowers to order.  The bottles had to be sized 4″ smaller than the desired size to accommodate the height of the pik and flower head, and with the help of her husband the numbers were crunched and in the end she ordered 5000 flowers!

That number included the flower bomb, the fireplaces, 4 large arrangements and then 12 smaller arrangements to scatter around the space.  In the end she realized she’d over estimated the number of flowers and under estimated the number of hours it would take to put together.  Denise had 2 other designers with her the day before to construct the piece, and could have used another.  They got started at 9am and called it quits at  around 11pm!

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