Containers – Out Of The Box

Ok I never dreamed when I started this blog about floral design that it would end up being so much about *containers* – I used to think of them as simply necessary, or not think of them at all.  Now I think of them as the linchpin of any design.  As much as I love flowers, when I see arrangements that are truly unique and memorable, 8 times out of 10 they’re elevated to that level by the container rather than the flowers themselves.

I’ve been blogging about clever containers that weren’t intended to hold flowers, like this great design using a wooden utensil holder from my floral design teacher (whose class I’ve missed the past 2 weeks) Sarinya. But lately I’ve been coming across some stunning designs using containers that aren’t even really meant to hold anything.  I’m keeping my eyes peeled for more in this vein, but here are my two favorites so far:

This one from LA and Vail Valley based wedding planner Stephanie Grace uses a large clam style shell to house lovely soft hued orchids and roses:

beautiful orchid and rose wedding centerpiece arrangement in a shell

And here’s a more festive take on that concept – orchids and ginger housed in a coconut shell (shockingly, it doesn’t look overly themed and cheesy at all) by San Fransisco and Kauai based event designer Martin Roberts:

(p.s. tough life, huh, splitting your time between LA and Vail and SF and Kauai respectively?!)

orchids and ginger wedding centerpiece

I found the above image through the Bollea Floral Design Gallery, which is definitely worth a look, it’s a daily check in for me!

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