Bright Funky Wildflower Bouquets

Inspired by yesterday’s lovely bouquet containing Clematis by Boston based floral designers Petalena, I wanted to post some of my favorite “just picked” bouquets.  I think these look freshest in bright, contrasting colors, whereas they can lack a certain edge when they’re more muted.  Here are some of the examples I’ve seen of this look at its best.

These bouquets, from Pittsburgh, PA based floral design studio Mocha Rose are stunning to me, because they use such a crazy, seemingly random array of flower types and colors, but the whole thing amazingly just works together.  This design reminds me of confetti at a bright, punchy wild party.   (Photo by Studio Bash)

Here we have some classic mixed jewel tones.  I’ve noticed that a lot of these bouquets that I love include Privet berries of the ripe / black variety.  I think they add so much texture and also rich color.  The true mixtures are key here – these bouquets combine really fun, funky elements like celosia and craspedia with really delicate and traditional flowers.

Clockwise from top left, these talented designers are: Flowers On Orchard Lane out of Columbus Ohio; Holly Chappel who is Northern VA based; Petalena once again; and the last image source I’m unsure of.  Please email me if you know so I can properly credit it!

And here are some wild designs in rich blue and purple tones (which I LOVE with the contrast of a little red, orange or yellow).  Privet berries again, and also, so many anemones have cropped up in this bouquet style.  They’re both delicate (essential to the garden look) AND bright and funky so it more than makes sense!

Clockwise from top left, these come to us from: Michigan based Tracy Hill Park of Park Place Design; A New Leaf Design out of Telluride, Colorado, and LA’s own The Treasured Petal:

March 3, 2011 - 8:26 pm

April - Thank you so much for featuring this bouquet! We love it too!

I just wanted to add photo credits for the amazing photographers that took these pictures. Can you edit this to credit Studio Bash Photography,

Thanks and great blog!
-april (mocha rose- the first bouquet featured)

March 4, 2011 - 6:41 am

Kate - Yep, will do!

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