Merry Christmas!

Wishing everyone peace, joy and flowers!

Before the holiday (I’ll be back next week sharing some of my favorite wreaths), I leave you with what I think is the most effortlessly sweet, delightful piece of holiday floral decorating I’ve seen. From Buacharest based florist Claudia Orian, these are freeze dried lambs ear covered candlesticks, adorned with dyed scabiosa pods, sweet pink pepperberries, and dried rosebuds.  They even come with a matching bell! I really could not love these more…and as an added bonus, they will be near permanent, if handled carefully:

lambs ear pepperberry scabiosa pod rose bud candlesticks holiday decorating

Claudia had also made a similarly designed Menorah for Hanukkah- equally lovely and I love the way each candle is gently swathed in a lamb’s ear leaf at its base.

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