These are a few of my favorite wreaths, part 2

Today’s wreath it the perfect blend – of organic and inorganic, of traditional and modern.   It’s also 100% freeze dried.  This is a creation of freeze dried flower vendor Avalane (also the source of Claudia Orian’s beautiful freeze dried roses and lamb’s ear in her candlestick creations I highlighted last week), exhibited at Floris Toulouse.   Again, this wreath also features wooly fabric yarns for fabulous color and additional layers of texture.   I also love that contrast of the silvered green-gray moss backdrop with the rich, warm jewel tones.  They pop so dramatically off of it!

moss and roses wreath ornaments avalane freeze dried

Here’s a sister wreath from the same exhibit, though the ornamented one is my favorite!

This is enough to make me want to tinker with freeze dried flowers, that’s for sure!

January 20, 2011 - 6:59 pm

Julian - Absolutely amazing arrangement, can’t believe that it is freeze dried? The color holds really well and against the liken it looks brilliant.

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