Kumquats and Clementines and Blood Oranges, Oh My!

It’s good to be back to blogging after an extended holiday break (aka being AWOL for way too long ; )

I have a new pet fruit to combine with flowers, and to my dismay it isn’t available during my own wedding season in early June, so I present to you (longingly) lots of kumquat and flower inspiration pictures, and a few pictures of clementines, a close second that will be pinch hitting for me during kumquat’s absence from the marketplace.

The biggest thing I learned about these citrus fruits was that they could mesh with any seasonal look.  I was expecting to find lots of vibrant summer-y looks, but indeed, kumquats and their cousins can be very autumnal, and even wintery.  Here they are from Better Homes And Gardens, looking at home with cloves and pinecones (image links to a how to tutorial):

And here they’re shown with gilded pinecones, looking warm but distinctively wintery, courtesy of Country Living:

I am LOVING this image.  It’s from NYC based interior designer Charlotte Moss’s home.  It is for the holidays (you can tell by the pinecones) but has a really fresh, almost spring time feel to it as well.  This image is via My Design Dump:

Rose Hips also look festive with the little nuggets.  This first pic is courtesy of Right @ Home, and the pic links to a tutorial on how to make this fun swag:

And a full centerpiece look with Rose Hips, from Michael George Designs via Toast and Table:

Here’s another herby, fall type of look I really like – rich colors, and the kumquats are just tucked haphazardly in one tiny cluster rather than worked all through the design:

Here’s another great deep merlot + urn + kumquat look, from my new favorite inspiration site Better Homes and Gardens (I haven’t looked at one since my last visit to the doctors office in Ohio, I don’t think!)

mum and kumquat urn centerpiece from better homes and gardens

Stay tuned tomorrow, I’ll be posting part 2 with some great spring, summery and tropical looks that include kumquats and clementines.

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