Easy DIY Centerpiece- Succulent Wreath + Grocery Store Roses

As an early Christmas present, my fiance presented me with a living succulent wreath from Viva Terra that I’d been longing for.  The succulents are potted in a mossy base, and can thrive virtually indefinitely if watered only every 3 – 10 weeks (this is my kind of houseplant!). On a whim the other day, I picked up a dozen bright, sherbert orange colored oranges at Fresh & Easy for $9, and needed a way to dress them up into a centerpiece.  Enter the succulent wreath! The cool green grays of the succulents offset the creamsicle roses so nicely, and the moss with the casual glass carafe felt easy and homey.

Overall, I think the succulent wreath is a great investment, because you will always have it around the house, to frame pillar candles, to hang on your front door, or to circle the bottom of any kind of vase arrangement.

*Disclaimer – this photo was taken after the roses were a little over-opened, and also before my photography tutorial ; )

rose succulent wedding centerpiece diy bridal shower favor wreath carafe

Now would a centerpiece like this make sense on a big event level as a DIY project?  The wreaths start at $68.95 each from this great Etsy source, so when you add the cost of the carafe (I found thesefor $3.58 each with free shipping if you buy 12) and the dozen roses (check out Fifty Flowers for bulk prices), you get up up to just over $80 each, the range of what florists would charge for a simple, small-ish pave style centerpiece of mixed flowers.  In other words, you’re not saving dollars, but you would end up with wreaths that lived on well after the event was over to keep, gift, or perhaps resell.  And as DIY centerpieces go, these are extremely neat and easy to make.

I think that these would be cute centerpieces or decor for a small party like a shower or bridesmaids toast where perhaps the wreaths would be gifts for the special guests, or just for around your own house as a perennial option that just needs a few common flowers to re-activate.

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