Wrapped Vase DIY Project

This past weekend, I did a trial run with several fabric wrapped and paper wrapped vases.   Because the focus of the trial was mostly on the containers I stuck to simple and inexpensive flowers from the LA Flower Market for the actual arrangements.

First up to bat was a wood veneer paper wrapped vase.  This paperis real wood, and is too rigid to wrap around a square vase as if it were wraping paper.  You could precisely cut four squares and glue them each onto a side of a cube vase if you were so inclined, but here, I just wrapped a cyllinder.

Here are the flowers I chose to go with the wood wrap; they are peach-pink Spray Roses, and peach-pink Hypericum berries.

Cost and materials for this arrangement:

Vase $1 (Cylinder vase from Dollar Store, or a drinking glass)

Flowers $11 (10 stems spray roses, 10 stems hypericum berries)

Wood veneer paper $3.60

Total cost: $15.60

For the vases, I used a 7.5″ cyllinder vase.  I glued the wood paper with all purpose glue, and used masking tape to help it hold its shape while the glue dried.

Because the flowers are compact, I went for a tight, structured arrangement.  I began by taping a small bunch together, and taped the stems tightly again in the middle before securing the final bouquet.

The finished product:

So, what’s the verdict?

Wrapping a cyllinder vase with the wood paper was extremely easy.  Next time, I’d do this with lower, wider vases.   Also, spray roses are a bit challenging to make bouquets with as each stem has several offshoots, making for roses at different heights.  If you’re going for a loose, garden style arrangement, it works, but if you’re trying to make a more structured bouquet, the “offset” height roses should probably be individually wired.

I think that this wood veneer paper is a really easy, less rustic alternative to the birch covered vases that are so popular right now (which I also LOVE).

Here’s another great example of wrapped vases, from Jose Villa (via The Brides Cafe).  These look like Burlap.  I like the shape of these vases for this kind of arrangement better than the taller cyllinder I used, and I love the look of just a few of the same type of brightly colored flowers in each vase.

Photo By Jose Villa

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