Beaded Strand Covered Cans – DIY Wedding Centerpiece

I’m liking this idea from Decorating Studio – take their beaded garlands and cover simple tin cans with them for a gorgeous, simple but sparkly wedding centerpiece.  I think they have it right in their sample photo of this project, these should be monobotanical (meaning just one kind of flower used) – all the easier for DIY’ers!

sparkly roses beaded garland tin can wedding centerpieces make your own diy tutorial beads

This one doesn’t come with specific instructions or an estimate of how many garlands it takes to cover a can – I do suspect that each $9 garland would cover more than 1 tin can, possibly several depending on the size, so this should in theory be a very easy and economical way to make centerpieces. 

I just might have to give it a whirl!

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