Floret Cadet Goes A Little Random

With my wedding just 7 weeks away (EEKKKKK!!!) and a busy full time job, I’ve been struggling to find the time to keep up with Floret Cadet posting.  So for the next couple of months, as a compromise to keep the flow going and also stay sane, I’m planning to post just single images at a time that inspire me, and when I have floral orders or do flower projects on my own time, I will definitely also post tutorials.

I LOVE this bouquet, from Ultraviolet Floral Design in the UK.  As a kid, pink and purple was my dream color combination.  I would tell you there was no way it was sophisticated enough for a wedding color pallette, but here it is! (To be fair, the viburnum berries are more of a black-blue-purple, but that’s what makes this work.)  And I LOVE astilbe, especially worked into a bouquet like this.  It’s so hazy and feathery. 

astilbe viburnum berry berries roses rose wedding bouquet garden how to diy tutorial instructions bride pink purple

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