New favorite bouquets

I wanted to post these two bouquets – the things they have in common are that a) they’re my new favorites b) they’re stunning, c) they use HUGE blooms, with some space in between to really stand out individually (a contrast to all of the super tight packed perfectly domed bouquets you see so many of) d) they use the contrast of cool against warm tones in a really beautiful way and finally e) they were both photographed in a way that makes them look totally surreal – they almost look to me like they’re made of sugar, just so big and almost too perfect to be real!

san diego roses poppies berries scabiosa wedding diy

antique hydrangea fall blue peony vintage wedding bouquet berries

oh and one more bonus similarity – they both use a base color that blends in with the color of the bridesmaid’s dress, but then use contrasting color accents that really pop off of that similar base color.

That first bouquet is from the blog of San Diego’s genius floral / styling team Aileen and Karen Tran.

The second is from So Cal photography team The Youngrens, and I don’t know who designed the beautiful bouquet but I wish I did!

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