Garden Of Love Forever Stamps

So I think this is inevitable – the instant you make a decision about something for your own wedding, new collections or options come onto your radar and you KICK YOURSELF for not having found out about them in time.

It happened to me with Vera Wang’s bridal line for David’s Bridal, which I probably wouldn’t have ended up with but I sure would have tried on had it not debuted like 2 weeks after I ordered my dress. ¬†(Then of course it happened again in a huge way with Bhldn’s bridal line, although way closer to our wedding date.)

It happened with some websites – Weddington Way, you could have saved me lots of heartache, and Pinterest, where were you the whole time I was right clicking and uploading to Picasa web albums and sending those links to my vendors? (I know, you both totally existed, I just was a little late to the party!)

But this is maybe the one that pains me the most, and yes I know how silly that is.

These new love stamps just came out (we used the previous King & Queen Love stamps, also cute, but NO FLOWERS!) and I am obsessed.  They are perfect.

And they actually ARE out just in time for our thank you cards! I knew we’d been procrastinating for a reason ; )

Get them here

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