Honeymoon Flower Post #1 – The Hydrangea Of Italy

I wanted to post a couple of batches of photos of the lovely flowers I encountered on our honeymoon in Greece and Italy.

There were beautiful flowers growing all over Italy – gorgeous Azelas and bougainvilla stole my heart for sure.  But what stood out the most to me were the hydrangea.  Both in the Cinque Terra area and the Lake Como area, there were massive multi-colored bushes in full bloom with lush clouds of hydrangea!

Here are some of my favorite pics!


Detail shots:







And our hotel (the fabulous Grand Hotel Tremezzo) made great use of the abundant flowers grown on their property – check out this submerged Hydrangea display in their lobby – it was huge, not sure the scale really shows here, but those vases (and the blooms inside) were over a foot in diameter each I think!







July 7, 2011 - 7:05 am

botanical brouhaha - I’ve yet to live in a place where you could grow hydrangeas…my favorite flower! I would have been hyperventilating the whole trip!! The most beautiful hydrangeas I’ve ever received from a wholesaler were from Italy and had blooms as big as my head in shades of green/blue…and they dried perfectly in the fresh arrangements I made for the client…so, then, we took the dried heads out and made permanent arrangements for the client by combining them with freeze-dried roses, grasses and maidenhair fern. Beautiful post…thanks for sharing!

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