Flower Duet Class- Cylinders Tall and Low

Over the weekend,  I took my second class with Flower Duet, this time with Kit’s sister Casey (Kit taught my previous arch and spray class).

The subject of this class was working with cylinder vases – low and tall.  It’s funny because for a looooong time, low cylinders were my only comfort zone- I needed a class called “how to make a floral arrangement that is not based on a low glass cylinder!”

But even if a class subject is one that’s not totally new to me, I always learn something (one student in another of my classes was saying she’s taken 4 or 5 different ‘hand tied wedding bouquet’ classes and learned different techniques and tricks every time).

Every teacher I’ve had is completely willing to answer questions that have nothing to do with the subject at hand, and Casey was no exception.  The classes are a great opportunity to ask a group of pros and serious enthusiasts about whatever is on your flower-lovin’ mind at the time.  She even specified that it was fine to contact her any time for business/industry advice, or if we’re in a pinch with a flower type or design- I will more than likely be taking her up on this!

It was so good for me to be forced to work with a tall cylinder in this class – I never naturally gravitate toward line element flowers, and honestly though the architecture was really simple (in this case we bunched groups of flowers together with rubber bands to anchor them how we wanted them in the arrangement) I’d never really given much thought to how line element flowers were held in place in tall cylinders.  Now I know at least one solid, easy technique!

There was also a “special guest star” (to me at least) in the class, a well established professional florist who I totally admire-  Meg from The Little Branch.  She’d read about the first class I took on the blog and had a rare open Summer weekend so she headed down.  I think the ‘never stop learning’ attitude is so admirable.

Here are some pics from the class.  The arrangements featured hot pink roses, green ti leaves, jade trachelium, lime green gladiolus (which I agree with Kit is underrated), mini green dendrobiums, and hot pink alstromeria (also highly underrated I believe!).








August 8, 2011 - 1:58 pm

Lesley from lesley writes - Lovely pictures! I must confess I find tall cylinder vases defeat me. Thanks so much for this post – your pictures are so interesting I can almost feel Ive been to the class!

August 8, 2011 - 2:53 pm

Kate - Thanks Lesley!

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