Scabiosa Pods and Pearls


Ok even though I am such a gushing flower fan-girl, I don’t love ALL flowers.  Well actually, I do love all flowers, but I don’t love all uses of flowers.  I am not a big fan of really precious floral arrangements (the worst offender  in my opinion are bouquets featuring Stephanotis with rhinestones or pearls in the middle of each flower- I think it’s just too…too ; )

And in general, I don’t love inorganic elements mixed with flowers – I love fruit, veggies, branches, and all kind of organic non florals, but never been keen on the jeweled butterflies and such.

So imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon a bouquet that I find really interesting and appealing featuring roses and a ton of be-pearled flowers!  What makes this one really work for me is the use of pearls in scraggly Scabiosa pods rather than a more precious flower.  The bouquet is still VERY feminine and fancy, but that’s offset so nicely by the dark gray scabiosa.  (I do wish that Scabiosa could have a more attractive name- same with Craspedia ; )

I’m a convert! And all thanks to My Splendid Sentiments  out of San Diego.

Great Wedding Bouquet Idea

Photo by Dapper Images Courtesy of My Splendid Sentiments

Great Wedding Bouquet Idea

Photo by Dapper Images, Courtesy of My Splendid Sentiments

September 9, 2010 - 9:35 pm

Bethany - Thank you so much for loving what I did!! I have had so many compliments on this one!! Your blog is wonderful and I hope you love more of my work someday!!!

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