Flowers In Unusual Places

OK so for a while I was obsessed with flowers in non-traditional containers – upcycled tin cans, old crates, hat boxes, cake plates, cloches and the like.

I still love all that stuff, but am newly intrigued by flowers that might bypass a container entirely, and just be placed in or on existing structures.   These photos all capture that to various degrees (I guess wellies or an umbrella are a container, but just an even more non-traditional one!)

I love this image – it’s flowers individually taped to a wall to make a “floral wallpaper” – I got it from Dark Lamb’s Tumblr (and they credit but do not link to cupofjoe, so I don’t know if it’s from this great blog – A Cut Of Jo, or not!) Oy…

But what a beautiful wedding ceremony backdrop!

floral wallpaper! ba-nanas. (via cupofjo)

Here’s a close cousin – a waterfall of flowers (yes they’re in vases) down the stairs of a home- what a way to transform a home wedding into a true event!! You can get vases like this from the dollar store, and the flowers used (though there are a lot of them) aren’t particularly expensive or uncommon, so I don’t think this is as over the top an idea as it first appears to be).  This is from Tiny White Daisies Tumblr:

This just makes me smile – when your wedding venue hands you a stodgy old deer head, don’t get mad; decorate that sucker with a daisy lei! This is from my UK Flower faves Planet Flowers:


This is kind of similar and I love it! Sure, it might be a bridal or bridesmaid bouquet that was just placed in the lion’s mouth for the photo opp, and not an intentional ‘installation’ by Studio Stems, but it’s still a stunning image and a cool idea! (I think I originally saw this photo on Botanical Brouhaha, by the way, and the photo is by Blush Photography)

This is from a wedding by Isari Flower Studio in San Diego (they’re awesome).  What a cool way to dress up a cinder block wall!

How sweet is this? Flowering dogwood branches in wellies! This is from The Wild Fleur, a stunningly gorgeous blog that has a category called “La Vie En Rose”:

And I have no idea where this photo originated but I just love it – another home entryway arrangement (a little cutesy for me with the pink polka dotted ribbon) but I love the flower filled umbrella idea as an alternative to a spring wreath!



August 22, 2011 - 9:52 am

Kelly - Hi- just found your blog and love it! As a fellow budding designer, I really appreciate reading about the wedding you just finished- the bouquets and bouts are GORGEOUS- awesome job!!! Thank you for breaking down what you purchased/what you actually used- I find it very difficult to estimate what I might need, and also love having options when it comes time to arrange, rather than having to stick with a strict, predetermined palette…

Also love the deer-head lei- ha! That is just hilarious!

I look forward to seeing more of your work!

August 22, 2011 - 4:49 pm

Kate - Thanks Kelly! Looking forward to following your blog too, love that ‘just picked’ arrangement style, and you’re so lucky to be able to work with flowers from your garden! Growing flowers in our little sandy, sloped so cal backyard is going to be on my agenda pretty soon here!

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