A recommendation for floral designers

As I’ve visited florists websites and blogs, I have always been shocked at how many really well established professionals  don’t say where they’re based anywhere on their site! (Note: I was even more shocked until I realized that as of 4 minutes ago, I myself never clearly stated where I was based on Floret Cadet -sure, it’s referenced in many posts but was absent entirely from my “About Me”- oops!)

Because I know that some brides and consumers read this blog in addition to my florist friends, when I use florists images I try to include the city in which they’re based so readers will know whether that florist is an option for them.

Sometimes I’ve had to look up an area code of the florist’s phone number to figure out where the heck they’re based, other I’ve had to try a nationwide Google Maps search for a business name.  I’m afraid that some potential customers won’t do this much legwork to figure out if hiring you is an option for them- I know that most florists are hired based on word of mouth or local directory type advertising, but I do think that more and more people are finding wedding vendors through blog links and other pathways that don’t offer that “local vendors” structure (hello, Pinterest!)

So to make a long story short, I’m recommending to all floral designers that you clearly state your locale on both your blog and website – I’d hate to think that anyone had lost out on business because a bride didn’t know you were in her area!


January 15, 2012 - 7:07 pm

alicia - Hey Kate,
I’m always amazed by this as well when I’m blog surfing flower websites. I do the same thing you do, google the area code. I hope people hear our concerns!!

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