Wedding Work With The Little Branch

This past weekend I had the great fortune of being asked by Meg of The Little Branch to assist her with a wedding as her partner, Annie is on vacation this week.   I reported for duty on Saturday, and helped with a few designs before heading off for the delivery and on site set up with Meg. The bride’s vision for this wedding was textural, English garden style and mostly white and green, with some tiny pops of color.   It was a cocktail reception in the backyard of a beautiful home that already had lots of great landscaping and decor going on, and the bride had a limited budget, so Meg had done a brilliant job of helping her come up with options like using cute burlap potted topiaries on a lot of the accent tables rather than cut flowers.

The main thing that I learned was that in the course of a full time floral designer’s schedule, there isn’t a lot of time for photographing or blogging your own creations! ; ) I took only a handful of pics on my little point and shoot before my camera battery died, but thought I’d share them here.   Meg had made the most gorgeous bouquet for this bride, and I’m kicking myself for not snapping it! It had such a beautiful mix of garden flowers, and a pheasant feather in it provided just the right edge.

Here are the bouts though, the sprigs of rosemary were cut from the burlap wrapped potted plants that were used as accent table decor.   I loved the snowberries, of course! Just the other week they appeared for the first time this season, and all was right with my world! ; )

This piece was fun to make! I assisted Meg with it on site – a mix of white larkspur, Queen Anne’s Lace, and baby’s breath (Meg and my’s note to selves after this one: Queen Anne’s Lace stems hog a lot of room in foam! They ultimately agreed to share the stage with the larkspur and baby’s breath, but they took some convincing ; )

I wish we could take credit for this one, but the gardener at the reception home had built it long before this wedding. (If I’d known my camera battery was going to die when it did, I’d have been shooting just Meg’s stuff, but alas!) This was a pretty stunning display of succulents on the wall in a covered terrace area of the yard- their cake was to go on that lucite stand whose corner you can barely see in this photo:

I’m actually assisting Meg with another couple of weddings this weekend (and oh yes, there will be succulents!), and I will be bringing my good camera, all charged.  I love seeing ‘process’ photos of wedding work in progress on other blogs, and hope to capture a little bit of that, as time allows.

It was very cool for me to shadow such a well established designer and see that Meg still had butterflies in her stomach right before she delivered the bride’s bouquet.  I think that level of personal attachment even after years in the biz is something to aspire to! Even though she’d made something very much in line with, and even more gorgeous than the inspiration photos they’d agreed on, Meg didn’t relax until she saw the smile on the bride’s face and knew for sure that she loved her bouquet (which of course she did)! She was so invested, and even though she and her partner book lots of weddings year round, this one never felt like “just another wedding”. I think that even more than techniques and logistics, it’s stuff like this that I’m the most interested in learning from great designers!










August 31, 2011 - 1:40 pm

botanical brouhaha - I love your observation that there is no time for photography while working on an event. That always drives me crazy when you work so hard and finally have time to take a breather when the flowers are in place…only to discover you have no photos for the portfolio! And…that succulent wall…OMGosh!!

August 31, 2011 - 1:53 pm

Kate - I know, I really think that the key is to have a place always set up and ready in your house or studio where the light is consistently good, you have a great prop / base already in place, and you can take a picture on your way out the door!

If you have to go through a lot of trial and error to set up a nice photo there will never be time, but if you have it down to a system and can do it in just a few minutes, it’s so worth it! It’s probably worth adding to a checklist and officially factoring a mini photo session into the prep timeline too, just to make sure it doesn’t fall by the wayside!

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