Floret Cadet Most Wanted – Ornamental Oregano

Here’s the photo that started it all, from the floral designer that really truly sparked my passion for floral design about 5 years ago, Seattle’s Ink & Peat.  At first I thought the pretty layered and variegated purple and green stuff snuck in there was some kind of cool antique-y hydrangea, but it turns out to be ornamental (sometimes also called flowering) Oregano.  (The berries are unripe blueberries, and how cool are they?)

This lovely discovery set me on a mission to further check the stuff out, and I love what I see! I’ll be contacting some wholesalers soon to see how regularly and when they can get it!

Designer friends, have any of you ever used it? Does it have a season to your knowledge? How does it hold up as a cut flower?

Here’s a closeup – in its natural state, it is a trailing plant that will spill / hang out of a basket if allowed to, though shorter pieces can also stick up straight.  All images below are linked to their sources:

Ornamental Oregano 4

This was on Flirty Fleurs yesterday, a shot from a wholesale floral expo they attended – fun to see it in buckets in with common wedding flowers – it fits right in!

Here it is in its potted form, at a nursery:

And potted in a home:


More snippets of it used in an arrangement (back) also from Ink & Peat:

And here it is worked into another of their arrangements – it looks awesome with that bright coxcomb!

Also from Ink & Peat, this too is ornamental oregano, just a more compact headed, more purple variety: (also does anyone know what that super cool almost firework-ey looking white and pale green/pink stuff is? Tt too is very cool and new to me!)


This is from Mayfleur Designs.  It looks so cool in this woodland style centerpiece!

Mayfleur is another new discovery to me (I love it when I google image a flower type and end up stumbling across a great new designer whose blog I can follow!).  Because I’ve also been on a Maidenhair Fern kick, I have to post this other arrangement of theirs too – just gorgeous!

TTFN! Can’t wait to report on the weddings I’m working on this weekend with The Little Branch!




September 1, 2011 - 6:23 am

alicia - I’m a huge fan of flowering oregano, the texture and color is just perfect. Glad you saw the photo on Flirty Fleurs, it was sparked by a debate with another wholesaler who didn’t believe it was oregano!
I’ve used it quite a bit in my arrangements – centerpieces & bridal bouquets. It holds up fine. It even holds it shape while it begins to dry out.

September 1, 2011 - 8:39 am

Kelly - I love flowering oregano! In Seattle, it blooms in the summer/fall, but I’m sure wholesalers can source it at other times of the year too. Also, I’m pretty sure the fireworky flower you were asking about is Astrantia. I love that one too!

September 1, 2011 - 11:31 am

Kate - Thanks! Is there flowering oregano in this very design of yours? http://wildstyledesigns.blogspot.com/2011/08/summer-sweetness.html I can’t tell if that’s it but it looks like it! I like the more compact / purple kind too! And you’re right about Astrantia too I think – I knew its name at one point and forgot but you’ve jogged my memory! thanks

September 1, 2011 - 11:32 am

Kate - That’s good to hear! The maidenhair fern that I’ve been admiring and wanting to use for so long isn’t holding up too well – it’s been in water since Monday when I received it and this Thursday is pretty dry and shrivel-ey. Wonder if that’s the nature of it, or if I”m doing something wrong! I always think of anything green or botanical as being super hardy and long lasting but it’s not always the case!

September 1, 2011 - 8:59 pm

Kelly - Nope, no flowering oregano there… maybe it’s the scabiosa buds???

I’m a big fan of all those flowers and buds with multiple little pods in them… tiny buds within a bud- such an interesting texture!

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