Wrapped Vases – The Saga Continues

Happy labor day!

Speaking of labor, I wrapped a few more vases with both fabric and paper the day I did the Wood Paper project, and while none of them was a slam dunk, I learned some valuable lessons.

Here is a picture of one of the other arrangements, using handmade purple paper glued over a standard dollar store drinking glass.   The flowers are white hydrangea, fuchsia mini carnations, and purple mystery flowers (note to self: always get flower names so that I can share them with readers!).

Total cost of this project was $16:

Glass – $1

Paper – $2.50 (I had leftovers, also in a batch you could order big sheets of paper to economize)

Hydrangea (1 bunch, 4 stems) – $6

Mini carnations – $4 (1 bunch)

Purple mystery flowers – $2.50 (1 bunch)

Here’s the result, followed by  what I learned from this project:

Wedding Bouquet Hydrangea


I think that with all of the wrapped vases I made, the scale was off.  I used tall skinny vases, with big bunches of flowers more appropriate for a bigger vase opening.  I also think that these guys look better the simpler they are (see below!)

Here’s a florist who has got the look 100% down.  It goes to show you that even with a relatively simple DIY project that isn’t technique intensive, an artistic eye really is key and it takes practice to get it looking professionally slick!  These arrangements are from So Cal based Rockrose (photos by Mi Belle)- their website is an absolute confection as well, with a great soundtrack – I love it when wedding vendors don’t take themselves so seriously and infuse some personality into their web presence.   The Rockrose team tells me that they use wall paper to wrap these vases, so now I’m off to scout cool wallpaper sold in small enough quantities to make a few of these puppies the right way…

Paper Wrapped vases

Images by Mi Belle courtesy of Rockrose

I’m convinced that these wrapped vases are going to be a really big wedding / DIY trend in 2011!  They’re really modern, really easy, really accessible (they work best with drinking glass sized containers and single flower types!) and really inexpensive.

I’d group them 2 or 3 to a table in slightly differing heights.  If you’re careful each small one can be done for  under $10 ($1-2 glass or vase, $5-7 flowers, $1 – $2 in paper depending on type, but need to look into the cost of the wallpaper) so you could really have a nice complete look for around $30 / table.

Stay tuned for links to specific containers and papers that will work best for these!

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