The Little Branch Wedding – Ceremony and Personals

I saved the best of this wedding for last!

After making 16 centerpieces in low wood boxes with succulents and dahlias accented by pops of bright color and texture, Meg and I moved on to the personal and ceremony flowers.

The night prior, we’d filled little copper buckets from Jamali Garden with flowers, to tie with twine onto the chairs at the ceremony.  Here they are in the studio:

dahlia rustic wedding ceremony copper pews queen anne

dahlia wedding pew ceremony spray roses fern queen anne


And at the ceremony, they look so lovely and natural tied to the white folding chairs:

dahlia carnation white copper rustic ceremony pew buckets twine scabiosa queen anne

dahlias carnations spray roses pew ceremony wedding flowers scabiosa rustic veronica waxflower eucalyptus

OK now one of my favorite parts, both to create and to photograph – bouts! I love bouts because they’re all about finding sweet, perfect little blooms and combining them with just the right accents – basically all of the good (combining flowers and botanicals in delightful ways) with none of the bad (back breaking labor and tediousness) of wedding florals ; ) I love little things, and just couldn’t stop taking photos of the little cuttings that were my bout candidates, all lined up waiting to be worked with:

how to make a boutonniere bout succulent allium waxflower rosemary

fern curls eucalyptus boutonnieres bouts

fern curl boutonnieres bouts

succulent waxflower foliage boutonniere bout

How cute are these tiny little succulent cuttings? (if you’re not sure of the answer to that question yet, but 5 awfully similar pictures of them would help you make up your mind, then you are in luck!) Meg hand selected them because they were a blend of the plum color the bride loved so much, and the greens that were incorporated elsewhere into the wedding.

succulent boutonniere bout scabiosa

succulent fern curl scabiosa bout boutonniere

succulent boutonniere bout fern curl scabiosa

succulent boutonniere bout groom diy how to tutorial

The bouts I made start to take shape:

waxflower scabiosa succulent eucalyptus boutonniere

For anyone who is curious about how to make a boutonniere, there’s a great tutorial on the Elizabeth Anne Designs blog here!

These were so fun to make because they were all slightly different from each other:

succulent allium fern curl boutonniere bout groom diy how to tutorial

And here they are being at the wedding, before they were pinned on the guys:

boutonnieres bouts grooms burlap twine wedding rustic succulents fern curls scabiosa pods waxflower eucalyptus

This was the grooms:

succulent allium fern curl bout boutonniere rustic groom wedding diy how to tutorial


succulent boutonniere bout groom diy how to tutorial scabiosa rustic

fern curl succulent boutonniere bout groom diy how to tutorial rustic

I like this one with the rosemary:

rosemary succulent wedding boutonniere diy tutorial how to bout groom rustic

I also made similar pin on corsages for the moms.  At first I wasn’t super excited about making corsages (it’s not something I’d done a ton of) but when Meg said “think of it as a giant bout,” I was sold! ; )

succulent corsages bouts wedding rustic purple green ivory spray roses alstromeria waxflower

Here’s a punched up money shot of the corsages:

corsage scabiosa alstromeria waxflower spray roses succulent allium bullet

Here is the ONE and ONLY photo I have of the bridesmaid bouquets.   The on site photo session was cut short unfortunately and it was the last thing up for photography – such a bummer because while you can see the really cool colors and elements used here (succulents, yellow spray roses and orange dahlias with seeded euc) you get no sense of the shape or size (really cute posys with lots of movement, kind of loose) or of the wrap (really cool twine wire in a coppery color).  The bridesmaids wore that eggplant / wine color that was such a factor in all of the other florals, so these were created to be bright and pop off of that background.  It all tied together beautifully:

succulent orange dahlia yellow spray rose bouquet wedding

And now, the best for last, Meg’s amazing bridal bouquet for this bride! It was HUGE (there were so many great things available to incorporate, how do you say no to any of it?!), lush, and just so cool.

dahlia alstromeria succulent scabiosa pod fern spray rose hydrangea wedding bouquet bridal rustic purple green ivory plum

I’m going to try to list the flowers in this bouquet, but I will invariably miss some (I spot a new one every time I look at it!) It was white and purple and white dahlias, waxflower, alstromeria, carnations, stock, roses,  lisianthus, succulents, white centered white anemones, fringed tulips, scabiosa pods, that cool green ferny foliage whose name I don’t know, and that cool dark burgundy whirly bird foliage whose name no one seems to know!

succulents carnations hydrangea scabiosa pod lisianthus fern wild rustic wedding bouquet plum ivory green bridal diy


dahlia lisianthus rustic wedding bouquet fern scabiosa succulents ivory plum purple green

I forgot a flower – a beautiful specimen of antiquing eggplant and light green hydrangea was on one side of the bouquet (the less photographed but equally pretty side!) Here are a couple of shots that show it:

Wow – this was truly a marathon post (from a marathon wedding weekend, which for full time floral designers, is a commonplace occurrence!)

I had a blast and hope they’ll need my help again sometime!




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