While we’re on the subject of snowberries…

Isn’t this wreath sweet? It’s from Dutch (or is it German?!) floral stylist, photographer and magazine spread producer Minna of Bolmsterverkstad (her blog is great!)

She produces DIY features for magazines and posts the basics on her blog, with some process photos that are very fun to check out.

I just think these are so sweet…



In the way of “how to,” she offers:

Lots of writing to do. No time for being creative. But if you do have a spear moment – make a wreath!!!
Snow berries are in their best at the moment!

You need:
Steel wire (thick)
Something to cut the steelwire with
Thin steel wire
Snow berries

This is how:

Bend the thick steel wire to a shape of a heart, twine the ends together.
Secure the short sticks of snowberry with thin steelwire. Continue until done.

Sounds simple enough right? I have some leftovers, I may have to try a tiny little heart wreath tonight!

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