Celadon & Celery – LA workshops!


It’s on!

Celadon & Celery have been on my “if only” list of out of state floral design workshops I’d kill for a chance to take for a loooong time now-ever since I found their blog, which chronicles the regular classes held in their loft-studio in New York’s Chelsea flower district.

But in just a couple of short weeks, they’re coming to Los Angeles, where school director Ivie Joy will teach classes three times per day, Monday through Saturday, from October 24th through November 12th.   That’s a whopping total of 54 classes, and they’re held daily at 11:00am, 3:00pm, and 7:30pm, so between the evening and Saturday classes, even flower loving folks like me with full time jobs will have a chance to take a class!

I am brimming with excitement – I’m going to help Ivie get set up in the school’s temporary home at Opulen Studios prior to the start of classes, and will be sure to take lots of fun process pics (you know those are my favorites!).  I’ll be blogging about my experience in the classes themselves as well.

Each workshop covers Celadon & Celery’s design philosophy, basic selection and care of flowers, demonstrations of current trends and techniques in the floral industry, and discussions of the studio’s eco-conscious practices (they eschew floral foam, buy from local farmers, compost their greenery, and deliver many of their flowers by bicycle or on foot.)

The classes are discounted to $95 per two hour session (which includes light refreshments), but if you mention the coupon below and book by October 21, you will get an additional 10% off.  You can email Sarah at floralclasses@celadoncelery.com or call (646) 675-3274 to reserve your spot.  You’ll go home with two arrangements, and a Celadon and Celery tote bag.

Save 10%
Mention this coupon and save an additional 10% on ALL of our floral workshops. Reservations Required. Space is Limited.  24 hour cancellation notice required prior to your scheduled class.
Visit www.celadoncelery.com for more information.
Offer Expires: October 21, 2011
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For anyone who is unfamiliar, the pics below will give you a better idea of Celadon & Celery’s signature style.  They are very focused on being ecological, but they’re proof positive that “eco” doesn’t have to translate to casual, rustic, woodsy, wild, or unassuming.  Celadon and Celery’s designs are chic, bold, glamorous, and lavish (and usually vaguely tropical).

They use a lot of bright colors, a lot of en masse flowers, and they do floral designs for a lot of fashion industry and celebrity events, as well as for high profile NYC charities.    These photos, from teacher Ivie’s own wedding, really encapsulate their style:

I really want to experiment with big, bold massed mono-botanical arrangements like these someday soon!

Here are two smaller scale arrangements of theirs that I find especially interesting.  The first uses the pale, textural flowers that are so popular right now for weddings, and a sweet vintage looking container, but it becomes architectural and almost urban in their hands:

This is an example of flowers working oh so well with a unique container (I’m going to go out on a limb and accuse Celadon and Celery of having a favorite flower – the gloriosa lily –  I was seriously hard pressed to find pics on their website or blog that did *not* include this gorgeous flower – but who can blame them!? I have seriously considered naming a future daughter Dahlia, so I am not one to talk about playing favorites with flower types ;  )

Anyhow, I can’t wait to share more about my experiences in the class, and hope to meet lots of fun DIY brides, budding florists, and flower enthusiasts when I take it!






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