October Baby Shower Flowers

This past Saturday I had the fun job of creating flowers for a friend of a friend’s baby shower.  Because they were going to have electric skillets in the center of each table where guests could cook toppings and make their own spring rolls, we opted to do little mini arrangements for each guest, in 6″ natural colored blume boxes, vs traditional centerpieces.

I used all white flowers at the mother-to-be’s request, and worked in some turquoise, teal and spring green accents in the form of velvet ribbons.   Because I made 25 of these, I got a chance to use pretty much every white flower out there, and make each one different.  The flowers used were dahlias, carnations, china mums, lisianthus, freesia, dendrobium, stock, ornithogalum arabicum, snowberries, bouvardia, hyacinth, phlox, anemones, and limonium.

These were fun to make – the blume boxes, though not actually cheaper than little glass dollar tree vases, are more transportable and felt like a more appropriate favor for guests to take home.  They’re super easy to assemble and fill as well.

Here are some pics of the boxes:

dahlias blumebox blume box natural anemones carnations bouvardia fall baby shower

carnations mums china white blumebox baby shower flowers pholx

snowberries dahlias freesia white baby shower flowers boy

blumebox blume box wedding baby shower centerpiece white dahlias carnations stock lisianthus bouvardia

freesia dahlia lisianthus white centerpiece blumebox

white hyacinth centerpiece freesia anemone mum

And one of the arrangements I made on site:

delphinium amaranthus dendrobium stock curly willow vase arrangement

The little favors were coconut chocolate cookie “nests” filled with candy eggs – so sweet!

baby shower favors nest egg cookies

I didn’t have many leftovers from this job – just enough to fill these two tiny vases:

carnations dahlias white centerpieces stock bouvardia lisianthus

A pretty shot of my new favorite flower, bouvardia- I love how boxy it looks when it’s not quite open:

carnations bouvardia

And because I love process / transportation shots so much, a few of the blumeboxes all packed up ready for load in:



























October 14, 2011 - 12:31 pm

Casey - Nice Work. Fun Fun combo! – Casey

October 16, 2011 - 8:35 am

Kate - Thanks Casey!

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