DIY Results – Candy Filled Vase

Here are the results of my candy filled vase weekend DIY project.  I think the scale works this time, and I like the simplicity of the single flower choice with the mixed candy color.  Because this was for a Labor Day birthday flower delivery, Iwas limited to what I could purchase at Whole Foods on a national holiday, so look forward to expiramenting with the myriad of vase fillers and flowers available for upcoming versions of this project!

Purple and green flowers

When filling / lining glass vases, having a second interior container for the flowers is key – even if your vase filler can theoretically get wet (chocolate obviously can’t), some fruits and vegetables give off gasses that are toxic to flowers and will kill them quickly, and even leaves or other botanicals cause bacterial growth in the water.  I used glue dots to fasten a standard drinking glass inside a cube vase, leaving enough room for the chocolates, but also could have used a plastic tupperware container or floral liner inside.  

To form the two bunches of Hydrangea into a cohesive bouquet that would cover the edges of the vase evenly, I taped not only the two main stems together, but the individual floret stems on the sides as well. 

Cost of this project:

4.75″ cube vase: $3.18 – $6.15 (depending on bulk purchase)

Interior cup: $1

2 bunches of Hydrangea from Whole Foods: $6

2 boxes of chocolate covered fruit $9.40 (*Note, I shopped at Whole Foods for the candy and was limited by their upscale selection.  Apart from another grocery store having more reasonably priced options, there are bulk candy sources online that will fill each vase for pennies!)

*Note, I also used a Zots Glue Dot
– they are $7.78 for a pack of 200, so the cost for the single dot was too negligible to mention!

Total cost of project: $19.58

Here’s a progress shot:

Candy in vases

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