New Floret Cadet Accoutrements

At the same time as I’ve been having a new logo designed and fleshing out the blog, I’ve been slowly expanding my home studio operations.  I wasn’t ready to completely overtake a room and make a permanent, dedicated studio just yet, so I had the idea to make sort of a mobile floral design center for the home.

So far, that mobile studio consists of several things that have made my life so much easier, so I wanted to share them.

The first is a fold up shopping cart, like this one.   I shop the Flower Mart with it, and then when we get home, it doubles as a portable trash can that I drop stems and debris directly into as I work:

I paired it with a foldable kitchen cart from Amazon.   At only $115, this cart was a bargain and provides a 3 foot wide work space, with shelves underneath to store completed centerpieces or supplies while I work.  It’s working out great!


Winsome Wood Foldable Kitchen Cart with Knife Block, Light Oak

And now get ready for major luxury- I got an awesome Gel Mat to save my back (and feet) while I work standing up for hours on end.  I looked around for a while before I found a cute-ish one (most gel mats are really aggressively ugly, I found!) and wound up with this one by Gel Pro, which is extremely thick and cushy!

GelPro Antifatigue Kitchen Mat, Wicker

To my collection, I added an of the moment splurge – I was at the Flower Mart picking up flowers for Ashlee’s wedding, and was in a time crunch.  I had been eyeing bulk stem cutters like this for some time, and decided that that day was the day to spring for one.   It cut my flower prep time at least in half, if not more.  This thing, while I will no doubt lose at least a finger to it one day, slashes through whole bunches of stems like nobody’s business.  They sell them at FSS for about $100.


And now, the piece de resistance, that completes my portable home floral design studio!  This puppy is in the mail headed my way, a birthday present to Floret Cadet from Kate ; )  It will be my mobile flower stand, where all of my flowers condition, and when I work I will pull it up next to my cart to grab flowers out of the buckets as I need them (I’m planning on conditioning my flowers in buckets according to their purposes, with flowers that will be used together already grouped for efficiency when I design):

These are for sale here, and while somewhat expensive, I truly believe that this will be life changing ; )


While this is one of the least visually appealing posts I’ve ever put up here, I hope that some fellow flower geeks will agree with me that it’s exciting in other ways ;  )  I will definitely post pics of the whole system in action next time I do some designing!








October 28, 2011 - 10:51 pm

janet - the folding shopping cart is a great idea! it would be perfect for on-site arranging. thanks for sharing!

January 30, 2012 - 8:02 pm

Kelly Sullivan (Botanique) - Hi Kate!

I tried to send you an email, but I wasn’t able to enter my email address into your contact form- could be a fluke or my computer, but thought you should know!

The reason for the email, though, is I was wondering how all of these mobile elements have worked out for you? I am in the process of setting up something similar, but I thought I’d ask you if you have any thoughts on setting up a mobile, set-up/take-down type floral design station now that you have some experience with the one you created!

Specifically, the foldable kitchen cart- is it big enough to work on, and is the shelving below working out to hold finished arrangements before you bring them to their ultimate destination?

Any advice would be most appreciated!!

Thanks so much and hope you’re doing well!


January 30, 2012 - 9:28 pm

Kate - Hey Kelly! That’s so weird! My email is if you ever want to email me directly! I will post it on the site somewhere prominently just in case others are having that problem. So, I LOVE LOVE LOVE my 12 bucket flower cart. I use it to condition and store my flowers, and it rolls around the house so easily so that your buckets can come to wherever you’re designing all at once. I also like using my old lady collapsible shopping cart as a portable trash can. The rolling kitchen island isn’t *quite* enough work space. It’s enough to do one centerpiece at a time, and if you’re not trying to store your buckets on it, that might be enough. I did stash several low centerpieces on the shelves underneath. But the last wedding I did I also used my actual kitchen island, and/or just my kitchen island to work on. There might be folding table options with more space and I’d recommend one of them instead. I do however love my anti fatigue gel mat to save my feet while arranging!

January 30, 2012 - 9:48 pm

Kelly Sullivan (Botanique) - Thanks Kate!!!

That is so helpful to know! I can’t wait to get one of the bucket carts- it sounds like it has been super helpful for you, and I think it will be for me as well. I was wondering if the rolling kitchen island would be enough space… it sounds like I should keep looking.

Thanks again, and it’s good to have your email address!


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