Celadon & Celery Workshop Prep

I had a very flower filled weekend!

On Saturday, I helped Meg and Annie of The Little Branch set up a wedding in Santa Monica.  I had been telling them that I didn’t yet have a fool proof method of pinning on boutonnieres and needed to learn their tricks of the trade, and oh boy did I ever make up for lost time on Saturday!

The wedding couple had a big, beautiful church wedding at the Baptist Church where the bride is a Youth Pastor, and they ordered over 40 boutonnieres and corsages.  I was really touched that they had gone so far out of their way to honor their entire family and all of their special friends who helped prepare for the wedding.  When we arrived on site the place was buzzing with dozens of friends and family members (all of whom received bouts or corsages) setting up for the cookie bar reception that was held immediately following the ceremony in the Church courtyard (a later, smaller dinner reception also followed).  Many of them had baked hundreds of cookies each, which were then put into the cutest takeout containers as combo packs for guests to enjoy at the afternoon reception.  There was a board listing the cookie menu, with credit given to each baker.   It was really sweet, and with so many people to locate and pin on, Annie needed backup, and I got a serious crash course!

For anyone curious about how to do it, Modern Day Floral has a cute boutonniere pinning tutorial on their blog!

On Sunday, I helped Ivie of Celadon & Celery Events set up for the impending floral design workshop extravaganza that they are hosting at Opulen Studios in Downtown LA.  There is still time to sign up for one of the daily 11:00 am, 3:00 pm or 7:30 pm workshops (email floralclasses@celadoncelery.com), and she’ll be using and talking about different flowers from workshop to workshop, so some people might even want to take more than one! I’m taking the workshop on November 2nd (and probably will also sign up for another one or two on top of that) – and hope to see some of you there!

In a few hours, we took the studio where the workshops are to be held from this:

To this:

With LOTS of this in between (that is us cleaning and stocking dozens and dozens of cylinder vases and supplies, if you can’t tell ; )

Here are some more pics of the fun Celadon Celery swag (the workshop space wasn’t done when I left, they were still hard at work and were putting up gorgeous mounted posters of their work on the walls to further decorate!)

And here are the only flower pics from the day, the motherlode of flowers was coming in via special delivery on Monday morning, in time for the first class.  HOW MUCH DO I WISH I’D BEEN THERE WHEN A TRUCKLOAD OF IVIE’S FAVORITE FLOWERS ARRIVED ALL AT ONCE?! These are finesse roses, a salmon pink garden style rose that opens up beautifully:

For fun, I can’t resist posting the before/after Radlab side by side comparisons here!  I used about 4 of their pre-set “stylets” that I’ve found are best for flower pics: Boutwell’s Magic Glasses, Oh Snap, POS Lens, and in this case, I lightened them up as well since they were running a tad dark:





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