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Tonight I’m going to my first floral design class at Floral Art LA – it’s all about roses! I’m terribly excited and will share pics and an honest self-evaluation post-haste ; )

Since I started blogging about floral design I’ve come across similar small studio classes  and workshops across the country, tailored to DIY florists and not for vocational education credit. 

Here’s a sampling!  Future posts to follow, these are springing up all over, there’s a real market for them:

Dallas’ Bows And Arrows (whose blog I am also a fan of) has them extremely regularly with a focus in some on wedding designs

Wildflower Designs offers full day workshops in Birmingham, Alabama

Fiori Floral Design (one of their pics was used in an inspiration board this week!) offers classes in Seattle

Botanicals in Chicago offers regular workshops that look great!

Also in Chicago, Epoch Floral has classes every Saturday

NYC’s Celedon and Celery offers interesting classes including “Eco-Couture” florals

Nice Stems in Toronto has small workshops for 4 – 6 students

And Petal’s Edge in DC (Virgina) offers a nice host of “supported” DIY options like Bridal Bootcamps, private classes and workshops. 

Flora Grubb in San Franisco (succulent specialists) had one last Fall and I’m asking them if they have any upcoming- stay tuned

And I’ve just come across these classes, at The Real Flower Company’s Farm in the UK for anyone lucky enough to be able to attend!

It’s also worth checking with local Universities, Arboretums and Conservatories- a reader came across these classes in Columbus, Ohio, offered through the OSU’s Arboretum for a FRACTION of the cost of the chic boutique classes.  Also very cool: the flowers used are cut from the garden before the class!

September 17, 2010 - 8:00 am

Jim - Our shop in San Diego holds monthly floral classes, we have a blast doing them! Our next class is the last Saturday of September. Come by and pay us a visit!

September 19, 2010 - 11:55 am

Jim - thank you! just saw that you became a fan of Che Bella. Again, thank you! We’re having a workshop next Saturday Sept 25. Come pay us a visit!

October 1, 2011 - 5:45 am

Trudy Rosemarin - Do you have upcoming workshops for the last quarter of 2011? Hope you’d visit us in Seattle!

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