Celadon & Celery Floral Design Class

On Wednesday night, I finally took Celadon & Celery’s floral design workshop, part of their three week long Los Angeles extravaganza.  You can see their blog entry here about the process of getting settled in and the new flower pals they’ve made here in town!  I’d helped them with the initial set up, but never did I think the space was going to go from this to this!  It is truly a testament to the power of flowers to liven up a space!

Before we get into class stuff, check  out the setting and the lovely flowers that were waiting for us in buckets:

Dreamy, right? Here’s the class space, before we invaded and threw stems all over the floor! ; )

celadon celery floral design classes los angeles new york la downtown workshop

This class, like Rene’s class, started with fun with ti leaves! This is my friend Jessica of The Delicate Blog implementing Ivie and Bess’ technique for shining up leaves the eco friendly way – by rubbing them down with a paper towel to distribute their natural oils.  You can also use a little bit of olive oil – brills!  Beyond lining our vases with ti leaves, we also used bind wire to make loops, which we inserted into our arrangements:

The arrangement started with hydrangea.  Everyone has their own theory about how best to treat stems (smashing, boiling, etc) but the Celadon & Celery girls like to just use scissors to make two slits up the stem in a cross pattern:

And we reflexed our roses! I love shots of reflexed roses…

Rather than making a totally assorted arrangement, we clustered and grouped our flowers.  We had one group of three roses, one of two, and a single rose (but we later placed a cluster of ranunculus next to the single rose.) The idea was for it not to get too busy.   We also used green goddess callas, a looped curly willow tip, beautiful tulips, and the looped ti leaves with the roses and hydrangea in this puppy:

I love these pale tulips- they got inserted in clusters too, and were allowed to hang naturally:

And then we moved on to our second design – the hand tied bouquet, but with a tropical twist.  This isn’t a wrapped bridal style hand tied, but rather a presentation style appropriate for gifting.  Again we looped our ti leaves! It’s amazing how much of an impact a small number of flowers can make -apart from the tropical leaves, this bouquet only had two dahlias, three roses, and a ranunculus:

After we bound them, it was time to learn to fan out tissue paper! See how hard we had to concentrate?! And finally, we packed up our arrangements in our cute eco tote and headed home…

Where I took more pictures of my new designs, naturally! ; )

If you are interested in taking one of the workshops, they use different flowers each time, and they are still going on 3 times per day, Mon – Sat, until November 12th.  Sign up for a slot by emailing floralClasses@celadoncelery.com or call them at 646.675.3274.


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