Enchanted Florist “Chic Sites” Directory

Early on in my obsessive internet flower scouring career I discovered a GREAT directory of florist websites – it’s the “Chic Sites” section of Ashland, Oregon based floral designers Enchanted Florists’ own website.  Married floral design team Leslie and Brandon Kirkland created it out of their love and desire to share both great floral design and great web design- the included sites are all true showcases for both.

Today I’m excited to say that they’ve added Floret Cadet to the recommended wedding and flower blog section of their directory!  It’s in great company alongside some of my longtime favorites like The Bride’s Cafe and 100 Layer Cake, and through it I also discovered my new favorite confection, the blog of Flowers By Bornay.  Out of Barcelona, it’s floral design elevated to an art form in that way that only Europeans can really own.  ; ) Look out for lots of Flowers By Bornay fawning in coming weeks!

And Enchanted Florists’ website is also very much worth pouring over – it’s very user friendly and educational, with resources for brides to be such as wedding flowers broken down by colors and much more.  Don’t you love it when vendors really try to educate and share their passion with you?

Wedding Flowers By Color

Image courtesy of www.chicfloral.com


September 9, 2010 - 7:03 pm

Brandon Kirkland - Thanks so much for the kind words and it was a pleasure to add your fabulous bog to our list. You have a great eye and the world needs more designers like you Kate. 🙂

Brandon Kirkland

September 6, 2011 - 11:15 pm

Sandeep - Flowers teach us smile in every time, any situation.

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