Holiday Flower Recipes

I think that I have almost as much fun creating these “Flora Files” on the website of my main wholesaler, Mayesh, as I do actually working with flowers! It’s way less messy, and way less costly too ; )  I’ve been working on some potential designs for holiday flowers I’m creating for the Sandpipers Holiday Homes Tour cafe in early December.  I want each design to be loosely themed, and I’m going to create little take home cards with the names of the flowers used in each design.

Here are some of the themes / combos I’ve come up with in Flora File land – now comes the fun of finding out how many of these flowers are actually available when I want them.  (Mayesh does a great job of reminding you of general seasons for each flower on their website, but obviously there are lots more shades of gray with week by week availability and I’ll have to revamp some of these around avails!)

I think my faves so far are “Down Home Holiday,” “Mod Holiday,” “Exotic Holiday,” and “Peppermint Patty Holiday,” but I’m still refining all of the recipes and will pick a few of them to actually create!

Any florist friends out there addicted to FloraFile for their concepting?




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