^The Dreaded Chuppah^

I love Pinterest…as much as I kvetch that they *still* won’t let you create private pin boards (this blog entry is hilarious if anyone wants to read a really passionate case for private pin boards), some of the random things I’ve pinned just for my future reference have led to the best conversations.  Like these birch poles that I pinned to one of my less sexy boards, “Craft Supplies To Use In Upcoming Arrangements,” that started a very cool conversation with Megan from Honey & Poppies and Morgan from The Valley Flower Company. (two of my favorite florists!)

I was half relieved to hear that other florists loathe the prospect of setting up a chuppah or other ceremony structure as much as I do, and half even more terrified to hear the war stories!   Megan had some really great advice that even if someone requests that the florist provide the ceremony structure, it’s OK to just say no and politely refer a bride to someone who specializes in them.

However, newly bolstered by the advice of Morgan, who has painstakingly perfected the art of the self made birch pole chuppah, maybe I will try my hand at one sometime soon after all! After designing many birch pole chuppahs in various configurations, Morgan offered to share her secrets for a structure that is relatively easy assemble and transport, and is relatively stable.  She even drew me this nifty diagram (I LOVED the title, hilarious!) that I couldn’t wait to share and show off!

Like she explains in the great diagram, she uses really big, gnarly screws or bolts to attach the birch poles to one another- but she also shared that she covers them in wound twine to make it all look effortless.   I am going to file this diagram away and make great use of it someday soon when I decide to provide my first chuppah (and if I get stuck, I’ll rent Megans!)

Morgan, thank you so much for making this diagram, and for agreeing to share it!

how to assemble a chuppah out of birch poles diy diagram tutorial wedding arch ceremony

The Valley Flower Company gets tons of requests for these birch pole chuppahs.  Here is one such made by Morgan – it’s not this exact configuration because it was from before her fail safe recipe was set in stone – but it still looks lovely and performed beautifully!

chuppah birch how to make diy tutorial poles

Also here are some pics of Morgan’s other work, because I love it so much!





November 20, 2011 - 9:23 pm

janet - I was going to have a steel chuppah made before I left Flint, but I didn’t want to have to move it that far!

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