Brunia Berries Day 2


Last time we explored Brunia berries they were looking sweet with pastels and brights – I might love them even more though in the mix with richer fall and winter elements!  They’re kind of like the little pewter metalic purse or flats of the floral world – you can dress them up or down, and they match every color in the rainbow.

They are so cool offsetting oranges:

Fall wedding bouquets succulents

Images courtesy of Scarlet Petal and Karen Tran

Links to image sources: Top, Bottom

Beautiful against rich reds and wine colors (note: the bouquet on the left might actually be using Berzillia Berries, which look quite similar, or they could be small, young Brunias)

Beautiful fall winter wedding bouquet ideas red and blue

Images courtesy of Tara Pollio Design and Jade Mcintosh Flowers

Links to image sources: Left, Right

And they look particularly lovely with Harvest type elements:

Fall Bouquets Centerpiece Brunia Berries Succulents

Images courtesy of Adornments Flowers / Tom Meinhold Photography and Cebolla Fine Flowers

Links to image sources: Left, Right

And finally, they look great with just a few in wild, mixed garden style arrangements:

Wildflower Mixed Bouquets

Images courtesy of La Petite Fleur and Adornments Flowers / Cameron Ingalls Photography

Links to image sources: Top, Bottom

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