Florists’ Favorites – Silver Brunia Berries

Florist Carra Otten of La Petite Fleur in St Paul picked one of MY favorites to be this week’s Florist Favorite! Presenting…the Silver Brunia Berry.  Here it is in her showcase arrangement.  I love “behind the scenes” flower pictures – instead of a professional wedding picture, I love seeing the bouquets held by someone in jeans, or hanging out in a florists studio, before they’re ‘on stage’!

Brunia Berry Scabiosa Rose Bouquet

Image courtesy of La Petite Fleur Minnesota

I especially love how the Brunia berries flow in this arrangement – you can wire them and use them singly or in tiny clusters, or use a large clump, but I love how there is a swath of them  cutting through this arrangement so gracefully.

I’ve always associated Brunia with Fall and Winter arrangements (they almost look like little holiday ornaments, and any berries have a harvest association to them), but found that they are really beautiful combined with bright or muted pastel flowers as well. Tomorrow I’m going to post some rich, explictly Autumn bouquets featuring Brunia berries, but for today, proof that it works for all seasons!

It offsets candy colored bouquets beautifully (the top 2 bouquets here are also by Carra of La Petite Fleur!)

Brunia Berries Bouquets Roses peonies Hydrangea

Images Courtesy of La Petite Fleur, Eclatante Design and JL Designs

Links to image sources: Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Left, Bottom Right via Botanical Brouhaha

It looks great in pale winter and spring bouquets:

Brunia Berry Hygrandea Bouquet Winter

Images courtesy of Vango Florist, Rountree Flowers and Lane Dittoe Photography

Links to image sources: Top, Bottom Left, Bottom Right via Botanical Brouhaha

It looks lovely in punchy colored arrangements:

Brunia Berry Fall Wedding Bouquet Rannunculus Lambs Ear Scabiosa

Images courtesy of Ink & Peat, Weddingbee and Meg Perotti Photography

Links to image sources: Top, Bottom Left, Bottom Right via Botanical Brouhaha

And pretty in really fresh, feminine designs:

Brunia Berry Rose Bouquet

Images courtesy of The Treasured Petal and Saipua

Links to image sources: Left via Botanical Brouhaha, Right
And without pastel flowers it’s so masculine, it makes the perfect Boutonniere (kind of like Billy Balls, only gray!)
Brunia Berry Bouts

Images courtesy of Ceblooa, The Knot, and Plum Sage Flowers

Links to image sources: Top, Bottom Left, Bottom Right

The vital stats about the berries and where to find them after the jump

First, here are the bare naked berries straight off a plane from their grower in Holland (they don’t look as good naked, do they?!)  They’re botanlically known as Brunia Laevis, and native to Australia.

Brunia Berries from Holland
Image courtesy of floral wholesaler G Page’s facebook page


There best season for the berries seems to be late Summer / early Fall.  This South African grower lists young berries as being available in the Fall / Winter with regular Silver Brunias available in the Summer (see variation in berry sizes in the pics below), but they are also grown in the states.   They are currently available through Potomac Floral Wholesale for online bulk ordering to the public.

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