The Look For Less

I love this design- think it would be gorgeous as a pair flanking an outdoor ceremony site!  As is, it’s fairly budget friendly (presuming the tall cylinder could be rented for less than retail purchase price, you’re just looking at 15 sphere bud vases and 15 roses).  But I wanted to try to recreate a similar look scaled to be a possible centerpiece and on a shoestring budget.

Flowers In Glass Bubbles

Here’s what I came up with…

Inexpensive Wedding Centerpiece

I used  an approx 7″ wide by 9″ high apothecary style jar with no lid that I purchased at Home Goods for a steal, along with 4″ glass holiday ornaments that I purchased from Save-On-Crafts, filled with single hot pink carnations.

My total cost for this project was $31.61.  Your price could vary, I haven’t been able to find a similar good deal on the outer container online, I benefited from buying the carnations at wholesale price, but on the other hand paid exorbitant shipping for the ornaments (I could have saved almost $8 by finding them locally!)

Here are my costs:

Apothecary / hurricane style vase: $8 + tax

Glass ornaments: $22.41 ($13.50 for 3 x 2 packs, plus $7.59 shipping and $1.32 tax)

Carnations: $1.20 (bought for $6 / 25 pack at the LA Flower Market)

Getting the carnations into the ornaments took some finessing- I had to slowly “screw” them in almost like light bulbs and a couple of petals were torn off that wound up floating loose in the individual bulbs.  I think that Roses, especially if first inserted in semi bud form and allowed to open inside the bulbs, would probably fare better on the way in- their petals are bigger and less ruffly.

I’m also not sure I love the way the glass mouth of the ornaments sticks out – there are bubble bud vases available, here are 3 inchers from Jamali Garden that don’t have that same lip.  They are smaller diameter and I’m not sure how big the opening is, they’re not really meant for flowers to go inside of, but again think it would be possible to get roses in bud form in and let them open inside.  (These are also out of stock until December)

Container options from $10 on up, that would comfortably house 4 or more of the ornaments range from a tall skinny cylinder vase more similar to the picture, a globe vase that’s similar to what I used, or a large hurricane vase.

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