Floralgrid Review

I am a big fan of making arrangements using tape grids, so of course I was intrigued when I saw trade ads for the Floralgrid, which is basically a pre made tape grid for floral arrangements.  I got my hands on a starter pack, and used one to make a basic arrangement the other night.

The verdict? I think these could make lots of sense for a high volume shop that does daily orders / deliveries.  On one hand, they are $1.30 – $2.00 each, which seems a little high to me, but on the other hand, they (like tape grids) do allow you to use fewer stems, which saves money.  And in a high volume shop, where time is money, these would also save some time over a tape grid.   I think they’d also be good for someone doing DIY flowers for a wedding or event who wanted to make things as simple as possible.   They’re one size, though you can use them on a bigger container because the tabs are long enough to be adjustable- with a bigger container the area that anchors the stems would be in the middle and then you’d use the space around it for additional stems.   It was simple to use, and worked well.  For my day to day, I think I’d stick to tape grids, but if I find myself doing a big quantity of cylinder centerpieces for an event, I would definitely turn to these to simplify my workflow (making 15 tape grids in a row can get really tedious, really fast!)

Here are some pics of the grid and arrangement in progress:

FLORAGRID florist professional tape gridranunculus gerbera daisy rose valentines day arrangementbrunia valentines pink peach ranunculus roses fringed gerbera







February 22, 2012 - 5:33 am

Mimi - Thanks for sharing your experience with this product. I probably wouldn’t use it either, but it’s nice to know it exists and how it works.

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