Weekend DIY Project Results- Flower Balls!


This past weekend, I set out to explore flower spheres (alternately called pommanders or flower balls).  I wanted to expirament with small balls of a single flower type, with some different very inexpensive container options. You often see carnations used for these spheres – it’s because they’re durable, inexpensive and make a nice spherical shape – I have seen balls made with flatter flowers that take on a more faceted finished look. 

For this tinkering session, I purchased 75 hot pink carnations at the LA Flower Market for $6 per bunch of 25, only $18 total, and I used three 3″ Oasis foam spheres, available here for less than .50 each.  Note: the 75 carnations ended up not being enough to totally cover three spheres!  I absolutely misestimated both how many flowers it would take to cover the spheres, and how large the finished spheres would be.

To estimate this yourself as a DIY project, note that it ultimately took 44 almost fully opened carnations to cover the 3″ sphere, which was 7″ when finished.  The photos you see of 2 and 3 balls being used together are “demi balls,” only half to three quarters covered, that took about 26 carnations to create, and also look nice. 

To do a full ball, for 44 carnations and one sphere  I paid under $12, so the DIY cost of a whole arrangement of this size and scope could easily be less than $20 or even $15, depending on your choice of  flowers and container.  

Here are the progress shots:

How To Make Flower Pommander Flower Balls

I conditioned the flowers and then cut the stems about 1″ below the base of the bud, and carefully pushed each all the way in. 

Here’s the finished ball, so much fun to behold! These didn’t take long to make, about 10 minutes each I’d say. 

How to make carnation pommander

Here are the balls / domes atop some various containers:

First up, large candlesticks! The black ones were purchased at Home Goods for $12.99 and $9.99 respectively, and the blue china patterned sticks at Home Goods for $14.99. $12.99 and $10.99.  (The silver ceramic vase was from Z Gallerie years ago and in the $20’s)

Carnation Pommanders Flower Balls Wedding

The balls hanging out atop kitchen accessories from Home Goods – all under $10

Carnation Pommander DIY Flower Ball Wedding Centerpiece Under $20 Inexpensive

Finally the balls on some small, inexpensive glass vases (and one nice pink crystal champagne flute!) The in-vase decor is Oasis beaded floral wire in red, available for under $6 a roll.  The two vases in which its used were both purchased for under $3 at the LA Flower Mart.  Similar styles available by the case for even less at Dollar Tree!

Carnation Pommander DIY Wedding Centerpiece Cheap Inexpensive Flower Ball

Also to note: these were done on a shoestring budget, and aren’t huge – they’re shown on a barstool here for scale reference.  These wouldn’t necessairly be high impact wedding centerpieces alone, but accessorized, grouped, or repeated down a long table they’d look fabulous in my opinion!

The really big “platinum wedding” looking flower sphere centerpieces shown in magazines usually have 100 – 250 flowers on each (photos coming tomorrow in a flower ball inspiration board) and are a much bigger endeavor, but I was pleased to find that these guys really aren’t too tricky or costly to make on a medium to small scale.

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