One last Floral Design Institute post

So at the very end of my large scale design class, before I boarded my plane home, I poked my nosy self into the back room, where the school’s photo and video studio is housed.  It was almost equally exciting to me as the floral design part of the studio! I think I might love photographing flowers almost as much as I like designing with flowers, and this is just a dream set up for doing it!

What a cute set, huh? Leanne records and releases one free video per week- they’re super helpful demonstrations that you can check out here, and she also records one full length how to video that they sell as instructional material.  You can buy those videos here.

Here are some of my favorite free how to videos from the floral design institute- all very up my alley! All stills are linked to the video pages.  I’m still watching the videos, I haven’t nearly gotten through them all yet, it’s a massive resource:

blushing bride protea scabiosa rose raspberry wedding bridal bouquetapple orchid raspberry floral design arrangementbegonia leaves calla purple roses cube vase how to tutorial diyartichoke floral arrangement design centerpiece how to tutorial diycitrus floral bouquet how to yarrow diy tutorial

And here’s the latest full length how to video for sale- it’s an in depth exploration of designing with succulents, and includes multiple arrangements of which this is one.  There are also new videos on 2012 wedding trends, topiaries, lots of specific flower types, etc.  I want to get my hands on a few of these full videos for sure!

succulents how to wedding diy tutorial centerpiece succulent craspedia billy balls

I also wanted to say more about Blume Boxes – because I got the chance to meet the family behind the company while I was in Portland! I used these to make baby shower florals that doubled as easy take home favors for each guest and thought that concept worked out really well, and I’d been grappling with the idea of ordering several cases to be my official bridal / bridesmaid bouquet delivery system for weddings.  I’d kind of decided against it, because I can get glass cylinder vases from the dollar store for a little bit less money.   But while I was up there and saw them in their warehouse I thought of some new advantages to the Blume Box for bouquet delivery.  They are:

  • Won’t break in transport
  • Colors can coordinate with wedding scheme
  • Can be easily labeled with bridesmaid names
  • Can be re-used as reception decor on the downlow – because they are not transparent, bouquets placed in them later will look like accent or cocktail arrangements and you won’t see the handle treatment, giving away that it’s a re-use of the bridesmaid bouquets (not that I think there’s anything wrong with obvious re-purposing of wedding flowers! ; )
  • They’re shipped and store flat – I don’t have room to store cases with scores of dollar store cylinder vases in my studio, and as I get busier, I really don’t want to have to buy bouquet delivery vases before each wedding
  • Blumeboxes are made from recycled materials, and they themselves are also recyclable
  • Blumebox is an American family owned company, and I loved seeing the real face of a small floral industry business!

Here are examples of bouquet delivery in the Blume Boxes that perfectly illustrate how they were made to coordinate with the wedding, and how nicely they can be labeled:

Also, they look so organic in their new birch print incarnation – they try really hard to stay on top of the trends, and I think this is pretty darn cute for an organic feeling container, if you’re not budgeted to use birch

Lastly, look how fancy they can be- who knew?!






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